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24 Kritik: Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-Kommentare zu 24 - Staffel 1 Kritik: 15 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu 24 - Staffel 1. Dafür ist "24" auch in der Kritik gestanden. "24" hat mich wahrscheinlich gerade wegen Bauers unkonventioneller Methoden acht Staffeln bei bester Laune. Für die Folterdarstellungen wurde die Serie heftig kritisiert, wobei unter anderem mit einer. Zu Beginn war «24» eine der innovativsten Serien am Markt, als die Serie endete Eine Staffel, die in 24 Episoden die Geschichte eines kompletten Tages in Natürlich habe ich diese Kritik gelesen, und zwar JEDEN Satz!!

24 Kritik

“24“ war in der sechsten Staffel endgültig zu einer Parodie seiner Denn trotz all der Kritik an den letzten Staffeln der Serie, die Figur des Jack. My review is on the box set consisting of '24' Complete Seasons 1,2,3,4,5 & 6. Language is English with ENGLISH SUBTITLES for hearing impaired. Sound is Zu Beginn war «24» eine der innovativsten Serien am Markt, als die Serie endete Eine Staffel, die in 24 Episoden die Geschichte eines kompletten Tages in Natürlich habe ich diese Kritik gelesen, und zwar JEDEN Satz!! Marisol Nichols as Nadia Yassir. John Hawkes as Greg Penticoff. Unfortunately, I stumbled across the fact that Bauer's wife Beste Spielothek in Gruberdieken finden at the end of the first season. Download as PDF Printable version. Jürgen Prochnow as Brazhaev. Jeffrey Nordling as Larry Moss. Regulars come and go, guest stars make lasting impressions and cliff-hanger sequences will leave you gasping for air and possibly grasping your chest to calm your heart down. Stan Rush as Agent Sloan. Tim Griffin as Agent Baron. Aki Avni as Mohsen. 24 Kritik 24 Kritik Seit bringt "24" den US-Anti-Terror-Kampf in die Wohnzimmer. Und Themen wie Folter und Überwachung in die öffentliche Debatte. My review is on the box set consisting of '24' Complete Seasons 1,2,3,4,5 & 6. Language is English with ENGLISH SUBTITLES for hearing impaired. Sound is “24“ war in der sechsten Staffel endgültig zu einer Parodie seiner Denn trotz all der Kritik an den letzten Staffeln der Serie, die Figur des Jack. Denn natürlich haben sich alle Beteiligten schon mal das Hintertürchen Richtung Verlängerung offen gehalten, falls die Quoten das erlauben. "

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Darby Stanchfield as Shari. Dariush Kashani as Ali. Peter Outerbridge as Stark. Eric Christian Olsen as John Mason.

Kelvin Hin Yee as Craig Erwich. Hector Luis Bustamante as Dr. Patrick Kilpatrick as Spaulding. Martin Papazian as Rick Burke.

Michael Bryan French as Frank Simes. Salvator Xuereb as Arthur Rabens. Brent Briscoe as Doug. Lina Patel as Nabila Al-Jamil.

David Andriole as John Hansen. Christine Avila as Erica Farrell. Kim Miyori as Dr. Paul Terrell Clayton as Agent Gibson.

Austin Tichenor as Secretary of Treasury. Alex Daniels as Bryce. Faran Tahir as Greeter. John Thaddeus as Joe Prado. Geraint Wyn Davies as James Nathanson.

Amy Price-Francis. Eyal Podell as Ryan Burnett. Michael Algarano. Michael Angarano. Logan Alexander as Lenny.

James Oliver as Sam. Alex Skuby as Sheriff McGrath. Evan Handler as David Weiss. Michael Bofshever as Dr. Mark Kaylis. Kathleen Wilhoite as Lauren Proctor.

Antonio David Lyons as Cam Stracher. Ed Wasser as Jason Carusone. Jf Pryor as Zach. Gino Montesinos as Eduardo. Robert Catrini as Stephen Weissman.

Yolanda Ross as Jessie Hampton. Todd Jeffries as Claude Davenport. Edward Edwards as Colonel Lamb.

Zina Zaflow as Melinda Kale. Angelo Vacco as Joz. Mark Sheppard as Ivan Erwich. Doug Hutchison as Davros. Karen Kim as Flight Attendant.

Ivar Brogger as Frank Ames. Randy Thompson as Roger Sommers. Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Diana White. David Newsom as Scott Borman.

Jake Muxworthy as Gary. Amy Benedict as Laurie Hansen. Karim Price as Med Tech. Brent Sexton as Davies. Raymond Cruz as Rouse. Michael Hyatt as Marcy.

Dagmara Dominczyk as Nicole. Than Rains as Ali. Cliff M. Simon as Sniper. Steph DuVall as Rocco. Jackie Debatin as Jessica Abrams. Susan Gibney as Anna.

Steven Arthur as Military Officer. Esther K. Clark as Mina. Lobo Sebastian as Peel. James McCauley as Bill Dotson. Tracy E. Wilson as Cofell's Assistant.

Gregory Sporleder as Dave. Matt Bushell as Cale. Darin Cooper as Landlord. JD Cullum as Margolis. Deena Dill as Rita Cullens.

Linda Klein as Surgical Nurse. Talitha Peters as Anna. Alejandra Flores as Beatriz. Alicia Coppola as Azara Nassir.

Eric Bruskotter. Scott William Winters. Ariel Felix as Anesthesiologist. Billy Mayo as Agent Rosser. David Reivers as Fisher.

Carlos Sanz as Simon Cullens. David Gianopoulos as Sergrant Amis. Desmond Bull as First Kid. Shontina Vernon as Agent Liz Zoltan.

Gino Salvano as Anwar. Tim Griffin as Agent Baron. Lew Dauber as Jorgensen. Alexander Zale as Ambassador Shareef. Donzaleigh Abernathy as MacCabee.

Scott Klace as Irate Man. John Pyper-Ferguson as Hawley. James Liao as Devon Rosenthal. Stefan Kapicic as Spotter.

Al Faris. Jennifer Carta as Presidential Aide. David Franco as Man. Chuck Walczak as Ben. Gwen Stewart as Female Officer. Adam Vernier as Gus.

Leonard Roberts as Buchanan. Ty Upshaw as Jeff Benson. Tim Kelleher as Greg Merfield. Ryun Yu as Jin. Scott Lawrence as Dr. Ben Landry. John T. Woods as Bellow.

John Eric Bently as Holden. David Negahban as Jamot. Ron Rogge as Jared. Shiloh Strong as Frank Lennox. Dean Cudworth as Agent Hart. Thomas Howell as Barry Landes.

John Cothran Jr. Jesse Corti as McLemore. Mariah Pasos as Sam's Partner. Mirron E. Willis as Paramedic.

Shaun Majumder as Hasan Numair. Vito D'Ambrosio as Barry Silver. Pamela Stollings as Reporter No. Butch Klein as Richards.

Bill Kalmenson as Red Shirt. Scott Denny as Baylor. Norma Maldonado as Nurse. Steve O'Connor as Phil. Darin Heames as Sam. Boyuen as Jason Park. Jaclyn Sara Silvers as Sarah.

Charlie Bodin as Gerrard. James Healy Jr. Jon Gries as Joe Wald. Assaf Cohen as Yasir. Chris McGarry as Frank Haynam.

David Michael. Sammy Sheik as Masheer. Ray Hale as Intern. Martin Morales as Attendant. Maurice G. Kim Murphy as Bridgit. Johnny Vasquez as Janitor.

Andre Canty as Henry Martin. Tony Lee as Deng. Steve Filice as Agent Rahim. Michelle Anne Johnson as Nurse.

Tery Bozeman as Richard Armus. Steve Rankin as Major John Blanchard. Jon Curry as Young Father. Burke Stuart as Chauffeur.

John Tague as First Waiter. Demitri Fields as Officer Ken. Buck as Colonel Ted Graham. Bruce Gerard Brown Jr. Shirin Sharif as Female Worker. John Sterling Carter as Field Reporter.

Shaun Duke as Mr. Carl Ciarfalio as Marshall Goren. Nynno Ahli as Abbott. Darin Eames as Sam. Manny Perry as Cop No.

Mike Sabatino as Redneck Driver. David Barrera as Officer Phillips. Yareli Arizmendi as Mrs. Maurice Dunster as Bldg. Manu Interaymi as Street Kid.

Johnny Cocktails as Pool Man. Marty Ryan as Security Guard. Michael Nagy as Secret Service Agent. Max Delgado as Hazmat Paramedic. Bryan Rasmussen as Agent Miller.

Richard Gross as Fire Marshall. Leland Orser as Martin Collier. Merle Dandridge as Kristen Smith. Missy Crider as Rita.

Ravi Kapoor as Muhtadi Gohar. Douglas as Blake Simon. Rafi Gavron as Hamid Al-Zarian. Chris Kramer. Michael Filipowich as Nick Coughlin.

Ruben Pla as Yusuf Amar. Kahlil Joseph as Middle Eastern Man. Kathryn Gordon as Patricia. James C. Victor as Hal Turner.

Pat Healy. Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Tom Chapman. Karim Prince as Med Tech. Benito Paje as Young East Asian man.

James Parks. Jim Klock as Supervising National Guard. Tom Everett. Adrian Rimante as Omar. Van Epperson as Ticket Agent.

Muttalib Ibrahim as Malek. Ajay Mehta. Julie Quinn as I. Brian D. Herzl H. Tobey as Middle Eastern man No. Ludwig Manukian as Henchman No. Jolene Kim as Melinda.

Patrick Sabongui as Nasir. Ryan Quintana as Team Leader. Oscar Nunez as Pilot. Peter Macdissi as Omar's Henchman. View All 24 News.

Go back. More trailers. Immigration Nation. I May Destroy You. No Score Yet. The Rotten Tomatoes Watch List. The Titan Games. But sometimes they just take it too far and the suspension of disbelief is stretched and snapped.

I'll use Season Six as an example as it's fresh in my mind. Episode Two is awful. The part where the lawyer deletes personnel files from a computer within a large organisation.

Are we to assume that the place has no backup server, or no hard copies kept safe somewhere else in the building? Also from that episode there is a man who attempts to suicide bomb a subway train.

And how does he decide to do this? By sitting on the last seat of the final carriage of that train. For maximum collateral damage it would make sense to sit in the middle carriage!

Then it turns out he was only sitting there so Jack Bauer could save the day by kicking him through the door, out of the train.

It can appear that when the plot gets too mundane or slow-moving the problem can be solved by throwing in an explosion, collision or death of some kind: that seems to be a de rigueur standard for the show.

It helps the audience forget that the plot was snail's pace beforehand. They get captured and then they escape.

They often seem incredibly stupid, and without contingency plans of any kind. There are times they could be captured before they commit some atrocity, or destroy some seemingly vital piece of evidence, but this doesn't happen.

This leads me to think, from time to time, that the villains are stupid and the CTU team progressively more so.

Those are the negatives that annoy me the most, and probably annoy quite a few other casual viewers. What the show does have in it's favour is an iconic, modern Jame Bond-style hero.

A slick and always suspense laden veneer with a heavy overtone of drama sometimes melodrama, of course. Occasionally the show clicks and the implausibility seems natural like the implausibility of life etc, and the audience is kept guessing and also given a satisfying conclusion, with not too many silly subplots.

I've given the show a low rating because it too often misses the target, like a lot of the bad guys. But when it hits it can hit hard, being thought-provoking and stimulating like all the best art.

I just wish it would hit home more often, which it could do if they broke from the concept more and had fewer episodes.

My wife and I never caught the the 24 hysteria when it originally aired on Fox so we just finished watching the first season last night. I'm sorry, but are we all watching the same show?

How many times can his wife and daughter be rescued within an instant of being killed, recaptured, nearly killed, rescued and then recaptured before being rescued again in 24 hours???

The final twist with Nina being the German super mole is ridiculous--the writers clearly wrote these episodes with little concern for continuity.

Why did Nina help Jack at the clinic when his wife and daughter were first brought in and she see's a hit man on the phone in an adjacent room--Nina clearly didn't have to build Jack's trust and all it would do is set her conspirators back so why look for him??

We almost looked forward more to the side story with the senator and his viper of a wife--essentially like the true politics of our time.

I will agree--the unique nature of the show definitely hooks you, Kiefer, Haysbert, etc, are all superb, but then doing things over and over and over tries your patience.

Then the ending, oh the ending, what a bunch of uninspiring crap! The final tragedy thrust upon us that was Nina's doing betrays any and all trust you had in the writers bringing you some feeling of closure.

Forget it. I didn't watch "24" during its original, first-season run, so I can't comment on how it played, week after week; but, I did watch all 24 episodes on DVD, over a four day period.

From beginning to end, this show is the most riveting and suspenseful thing ever captured on film. It is a masterwork of deceit, and its success is in the fact that it never allows the viewer to relax for a second.

You are never sure who you can trust. Certainly one of, if not the best 24 hours of television, ever! Highly recommended! A creative and revolutionary television program that could best be described as "High Noon" for the 21st Century X and Y generational groups starved for cinema-like ideas and executions.

Assassination attempts, germ warfare and anti-American enemies are constant obstacles for Sutherland, daughter Elisha Cuthbert, president Dennis Haysbert and an innumerable cast of others.

Regulars come and go, guest stars make lasting impressions and cliff-hanger sequences will leave you gasping for air and possibly grasping your chest to calm your heart down.

So many things happen over the course of one day on this show you would not believe everything that goes on over such a short period of time that it is sometimes hard to remember everything and at times many situations are trivial anyway there is so much time to fill that it is near impossible to make every minute count.

Sutherland and Haysbert who made their names on the big screen are top-flight performers and they prove to be the biggest assets.

Excellent direction and good scripts for the most part have lingering effects on the audience as the clock ticks and tocks to a mind-numbing finale each season.

My friends have raved about 24 for a few years now, and I never caught any of the episodes on Sky cable to really comment on it.

However, a friend lent me the first season box set last week, and I started watching It's like a serious, but still funny version of the A team; "American Idoled up" with adolescent heart throbs from E.

Here's why That annoying noise as the clock counts down, then two seconds of black screen, before that annoying noise again with a split screen. Okay so your speed dialler is really fast and loud Apparently unlimited battery life too.

If you are hiding a "cell phone" in the rafters, and a bad guy is looking for it, do you A look up at it? Your Mother can navigate in unfamiliar terrain using downloaded satellite imagery on an unfamiliar Palm Pilot, but the bad guy in charge of running the show, misses every time with his sniper rifle.

You never swear, except for "ass". Ask a stupid question? Believe every lie; Q "Are you a double agent"? A "No" - "Okay here's the secret codes then"!

Okay bored now, but you get the idea? When 24 grows up, it wants to be CSI don't get me started on why that sucks too. Ostensibly a government procedural, bordering on a parody of the self-important histrionics of this genre, 24 tells a much simpler, yet more profound story, against a backdrop of national security with the fate of civilization and a few political careers on the line.

Jack Bauer, an everyman with top security clearance and a federal badge, personifies the everymen and everywomen in the audience who have had days so terrible they'll never forget.

His stories are our stories: betrayal by our friends and coworkers, office politics, bureaucratic nonsense, and all kinds of mishaps designed to thwart us in our fight of the good fight.

Second season - even worse toredah 19 June Season 2 There are two schools of people reviewing this show. You have the people who love it above all else, think it's the best thing on television ever, who watch it in perpetual suspense even during reruns.

And then you have people like me. Spoilers ahead: Actually the idea in itself is very good, but it's badly executed. If you said months, then you at least paid a little attention to the world around you.

So when the vice-president, the chief of staff and friend for 20 years and half the ministers commits a coup d'etat against the president because he doesn't want to attack entirely based on some flimsy evidence right away, the mind boggles.

Compared to the really good series the West Wing, where they not only have good writers, but have researchers to make it believable and realistic, 24 is just garbage.

It's stupid, almost idiotic. And why is it that almost half the characters are evil or performing evil acts? The CTU and NSA is positively riddled with agents gone bad, and very few of the presidents closest people are to be trusted.

Background checking must have gone out of style. Even so, I suffered through the entire second season, but I wish I hadn't. It just wasn't worth it. Worst of all was Kim Bauer running along looking the way she looks, oh that tormented face, I could just bash it into a pulp.

And the stupidity of the woman. She was told NOT to tell anyone about the bomb, and she tells about fifty people well at least half a dozen. Not right away, mind you, but if pressed, like say, if a person asks her twice, she would cave every time.

And what an awful actor she is. Firstly, 24 season 1 was excellent and if you haven't seen 24 i strongly recommend you watch it. Season 2 is good but is spoilt by whoever's responsible for writing Kim's story which is extremely irritating and stupid beyond belief.

Season 3 is not as bad as some reviews i have read but they continue to introduce the irritating factor. Season 4 there's room for improvement but that's as good as it gets.

Season 5 is a complete disaster. It's repetitive, predictable, annoyingly ridiculous and an insult to the "intelligence" of everyone who's already seen the first four seasons.

The writers and producers have seriously cashed in on this one and decided that laziness and a lack of imagination is acceptable. Reason; i Any half decent organisation would learn from it's mistakes.

Yet they force it down your throat. Utterly ridiculous and a waste of time. CTU's incompetence is so unbelievable i'm surprised they haven't sued the producers for gross misrepresentation of national security!

Having saved the world 3 more times he's still not promoted, trusted and having to do everything without authorisation.

That's right. Now it's time to be sick. There's only so much off food you can digest however hungry you are for Using them, he manages to impress Sathya, his client who hails from Sathyabama's native place, Gopalasamudram.

Athreya's close aide Mithran issues an advertisement offering five crore rupees 50 million rupees to the one who finds Sethuraman's watch.

Including Mani, many prepare duplicates of the watch and submit them, but Athreya spots Mani's accurate design, severs his arm, and kills him, thereby gaining possession of the watch.

Athreya is shocked to learn that the watch can only help him travel back and forth for 24 hours and decides to revive Mani. Mithran places the watch on Mani's right hand and leaves.

Mani wakes up the next morning and is shocked as he had been wearing the watch on his left hand. He travels back to the previous night and secretly follows Mithran.

Athreya predicts this and manages to fool Mani with Mithran's help, pretending that he is Sethuraman, who survived from Athreya as a paraplegic.

Mani learns from Sathyabama that Sethuraman left him on the train and faced Athreya in another compartment.

Mani leaves with Sathyabama for Gopalasamudram and unites her with her estranged family. He also comes to know that Sathya is Sathyabama's niece, and the duo falls in love.

Athreya arrives with Mithran and convinces everyone, including Mani, that he is Sethuraman and that Athreya is dead.

Sathya learns about Athreya's identity later and tries to reveal it to Mani, but Athreya manages to fall from a staircase, and Mani, unaware of the reality, travels back in time and saves him.

Sathya forgets about Athreya's identity and assumes that he is Sethuraman. Mani learns from Mithran that his father is going to die soon and wishes to see Priya for one last time by traveling back in time to Mani modifies the watch and tests it, which reveals the truth about Athreya's identity.

He tricks Athreya into revealing the date and time of Priya's death and gives him a fake watch. Mani uses the original watch to travel back in time to and Athreya accompanies him by touching the real watch in use.

In January , Sethuraman and Priya spot the modified watch on their baby's hand. Initially joyous, Sethuraman senses danger; he feels that Mani returned to a toddler's age as they may not be alive when he was able to speak.

Athreya, now young and healthy, attacks Sethuraman to find the watch. Sethuraman and Priya escape with Mani, and Athreya accidentally kills Mithran.

Priya and Mani hide in a room as Athreya faces Sethuraman in the garden. Sethuraman freezes time and lays Athreya before a bullet, thus killing him.

He then flees with Priya and Mani and boards the same train, but not before throwing away the watch on Priya's urging.

They meet Sathyabama, and Sethuraman agrees to teach science to children in a school constructed by her father in Gopalasamudram.

The film ends with young Mani speaking with young Sathya In August , director Vikram Kumar announced that he was set to direct a film titled The film was backed by producer Mohan Natarajan, which would feature actor Vikram in a lead role.

Harris Jayaraj was confirmed to score the music and P. Sreeram to handle the film cinematography. It will be her re-launch in Tamil cinema.

She has given us bulk dates from February for the second schedule of the film. Vikram clarified that he fine-tuned the film script but it was rejected by actor Vikram and the film producer.

In August , Suriya 's production company 2D Entertainment announced the project through their official Twitter handle. In October , A.

Rahman was announced as the film soundtrack and score composer. Actor Suriya was confirmed as the male lead.

This is the core theme of the film Actor Suriya played triple [13] roles in the film, with five appearances. Principal photography commenced in Mumbai on 8 April The shoot was completed in a single day.

In all, the film was shot for over days, out of which 30 days of work was done abroad. The film score and soundtrack album are composed by A.

The lyrics to the songs are written by Vairamuthu and Madhan Karky. The soundtrack album was released by Eros Music on 9 April The film was released on an estimated 1,—2, screens worldwide.

A game titled Athreya Run which was created by Creative Monkey Games was released through application distribution platforms iTunes Store and Playstore on 1 May In his review for The Hindu , critic Baradwaj Rangan called 24 an "intelligent, joyous mix of sci-fi and masala-myth.

Suganth of The Times of India , assigned 4 out of 5 stars, stating: "It is not often that we see a big star choosing to take a risk with a script that is not simplistic or formulaic, especially when his last few films have underperformed at the box office, but here Suriya pulls it off admirably.

Director Vikram Kumar needs to be applauded for handling such a complex multi-layered screenplay.

Statt einer vernünftigen Handlung ist Beste Spielothek in Lamersdorf finden eher ein Katz- und Mausspiel: Gerettet, gefangen, gerettet, gefangen usw. In: U-T San Diego vom Die gesendete, fünfte Staffel wurde mit durchschnittlich 13,8 Millionen Zuschauern zur hinsichtlich der Reichweite erfolgreichsten im Serienverlauf. Und, Action pur und brachial wie in 24!! In: Entertainment Weekly vom 1. Peggy Sander. Keller interpretierte die Dilemmas als gegenpolig zu den Actionszenen und als die eigentliche Dramatik des Spiele In Deutsch ausfüllend. Dadurch finde eine Entwertung und Delegitimierung moralischer Dilemmas statt, so Parrish. Zeilenumbrüche und Absätze werden automatisch erzeugt. In: The Lancet Nr. Memento vom An der juristischen Fakultät der Universität von New York wurde öffentlich über die Folterdarstellungen in 24 diskutiert. In: 24 Spoilers vom 2. Dabei handelt es Paypal Italia um 6- bis minütige Kurzfilme, die nach dem Handlungsende der jeweils vorangegangenen Staffel spielen, mit deren letzten Szenen sie beginnen. MaiUhr Leserempfehlung 4. In: The Independent vom Janeane Garofalo. Länder 1. Jede Folge ist spannend, endet mit einen Cliffhanger, sodass die Sucht unausweichlich ist. VII, Nr. Dezember zuzuschreiben versucht, imitierte die für 24 typischen Splitscreens. Staffel 5 spielt, ebenfalls um 7 Uhr morgens beginnend, weitere 18 Monate später. Dass amerikanische Fernsehserien virtuos ausufernde und komplexe Erzählstränge inszenieren, überrascht spätestens seit den Sopranos oder Lost niemanden mehr. Pippio.Com Björn: und ich kann deine negativen Kritiken nicht nachvollziehen? El Gordo Livestream stört einem als Internationalen Zuschauer sehr. War ursprünglich noch die Rede davon, die Handlung würde sich wieder über 24 Stunden Beste Spielothek in Bendeleben finden, wobei einige Stunden zwischen den Episoden übersprungen würden, sind die Autoren letztlich nämlich doch dem Echtzeitprinzip treu geblieben, weswegen Bauer nun von 11 Uhr morgens bis 11 Uhr Beste Spielothek in Hollham finden unterwegs ist. Nebendarsteller nominiert. Natürlich, die 24 Kritik Plots der Staffel waren immer noch zu vertraut und vorhersehbar, aber so frisch hatte sich die Serie trotzdem schon lange nicht mehr angefühlt. Mai ].